Scott sighed at he stared at his screen. He was tired of this dead-end job as a supply manager at a major international firm. Working eleven hours a day for minimal pay was not where he had imagined his career after college going. His phone rang, and when he picked it up, he had a welcome surprise. A rare moment of pleasure was hearing Magda's voice.

Scott was 23, a year and a half out of college with a bachelor's degree, desperately trying to gain a foothold in the fiercly competative world of hedge funds. He had planned to use his income to pay for his master's degree, but reality had since set in. Rent, bills, and living expenses had since relegated him to the hand-to-mouth lifestyle of a poor bachelor. He couldn't even go out to the bars of his home city, teeming with eager young women, because he could not afford to pay for twelve dollar martinis for his dates.

Magda was a secretary at the firm; she was twice his age, but with a body that most women Scott's age would kill for. Her waist was almost small enough for him to fit his hands around, and her ample bust was barely contained by her tight, low cut shirts. Her lilting Polish accent was unfamiliar to him, and increased her exocitism. The fact that she often stopped by his office to request seemingly inconsequential items whilst carressing his shoulders and neck only made her more confusing. She was the secretary to a managing partner: she did not associate with the "help".

"I need some help getting some files out of the records room," Magda purred. "Could you bring the step ladder?"

As supply manager, Scott was woefully in charge of everything from the day-to-day operations of the office, to the menial tasks with which he so often found himself occupied. The title of "manager" had lured him to the job; little did he know that his salary would not nearly compensate for the hours. Scott sighed and retrieved the step ladder from its niche in the closet. At least he'd get to inhale Magda's intoxicating perfume while she was near him.

When he arrived at the records room, he halted in his tracks. Magda was even more stunning than usual, her black hair sweeping around her shoulders, which were bared by her plunging neckline. Her skimpy blue blouse was offset by a silken white skirt that halted well above her knees, belted by pure silver loops. She wore no nylons, and the sight of a woman twice his age wearing an outfit that a girl Scott's age would consider sexy was enough to take his breath away. When he realized he was gaping, Scott started, and offered her help.

"Just the bank files, on the top ****f. Could you hold the ladder, please?", she said from beneath lowered eyelids. Scott scrambled to comply, awkward at being caught alone with her. As he positioned the ladder for her, she stepped onto it, and placed a soft hand on his shoulder for support. She reached up for the top ****f, giving Scott a glimpse up her skirt as the fabric climbed: Magda wore no underwear, and she was shaven clean. Her body was toned by her rigorous exercise regimen; she ran marathons for fun. Scott could not help admiring what he saw. Even girls his age did not have bodies as finely toned as Magda's.

With a flush and sinking feeling, Scott realized Magda was gazing down at him. He quickly looked away, blushing and making some innane babble about her safety on the ladder. Magda carefully turned around atop the ladder, and took her face in his hands. She pulled his face to her, and the silky fabric of her skirt brushed against his face.

"Do you like what you see?" she murmured, stepping down slowly from the ladder. Magda put her arms around Scott when she reached the bottom, one hand pulling him to her, the other carressing him through his thin wool slacks. "I like what I feel," she breathed, rubbing the throbbing erection that clearly showed through his pants, and she dropped to her knees. Her hands worked expertly at his fly; and his pants dropped as Magda's fingers deftly undid his belt. Scott took her face in his hands as she stared up at him. Her tongue slid up him, and when she reached his end, an unbearably pleasurable warmth enclosed him as she took him into her mouth. Magda was an expert, cupping his balls in her manicured hand as she teased his cock with her tongue, and then enveloping him with her entire throat. For several minutes, Scott managed to restrain himself before he decided it was his turn to have some fun.

Scott fell to his knees and grabbed Magda's toned, muscular calves. He ran his hands up her legs, marvelling at the unbelievable firmness of her muscles, and aroused by the heart stopping smoothness of her skin. As his hands reached the hem of her skirt, he did not stop, and lifted the fabric over her waist. Magda's pussy was beautifully maintained, with large soft lips enveloping a slightly protruding clit that begged for Scott's tongue. He kissed her thighs gently, moving slowly upward, and surrounded her center with his mouth. Magda was incredidbly turned on; Scott kissed her gently, and could feel her tensing. He flickered his tongue a bit, and pressed his face into her. Magda's body was amazingly hard, and even more so as she climaxed. She grabbed Scott's hair and pulled his face into her as she came again and again.

Magda withdrew, breathing heavily, and looking down at Scott expectantly. The records room was not comfortable by any stretch, so Scott turned around and sat on the stepladder. Still fully clothed, Magda straddled him, and he could feel her warm wetness pressing up against his straining cock. She ground against him, her smoothly shaven lips sliding effortlessly along him, before he shifted his pelvis slightly to allow himself to enter her.

She gasped as his length slid into her: Scott was not a small man; at eight inches, he had made every girl he had slept with cry out. But Magda was different. She eagerly enveloped him, rotating her hips vigorously as she ground her clit against him. Scott pulled her blouse open, caring not that her pearl buttons scattered throughout the room. Her breasts were large and soft, slightly freckled, brushing against his chest as he pulled her hips into him. He took her large pink nipple into his mouth and teased it with his tongue, enjoying her gasp as he felt it grow hard. Magda thrust her chest into his face, her breasts falling on each side, while he sucked her neck eagerly. She rode him so vigorously that his balls slapped against her perfectly smooth cunt, the wet slapping noise filling the deserted room. He could feel her clench as she came on him, crying out without regard for who might hear.

Scott knew he could not resist much longer. He told Magda he was about to cum, and she grabbed his butt to seal herself to him.

"You will do it in me," Magda husked in an almost intellible Polish accent. She thrust herself against him hard, one, twice, and then Scott was bursting within her. She slowed her pace, and then remained straddling him, his erection slowly ebbing as his cum ran out of her over his shaft.

After a long, slow kiss, Magda said, "We'll have to do this again sometime." She stood up, lowered her skirt, smoothed her hair, and took her files and walked out...