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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : سكس لاول مره في السياره - First time busted during car sex

04-13-2011, 03:03 PM
سكس لاول مره في السياره - First time busted during car sex

Ask and you shall recieve.... Here is the story of the first time I got busted by the cops fucking in a car....


When I was younger, I was dating my first love, Kirk. We had met when I had gotten thrown out of Redondo High School (for truancy's) and ended up going to West High in Torrance for my Sophomore year. He was a couple years older than me and had graduated from West that year I went there. Kirk was having troubles at home and when he graduated he moved out of his parents house and had started living in his car in the Redondo High School auditorium parking lot across the street from my house. What we would usually do is wait until my mom went to sleep and then I would slip out and go get him and he would sleep with me in my room. At the time I lived in my mom's converted garaged and so it was pretty easy to sneak out and get him.

Kirk was probably one of the nicest most well rounded boyfriend I had ever had. His only failing was that we were so very young. Kirk and I learned all about sex with each other and my first ffm 3some was with him and my best gf. He was so nice, even my mom liked him. She would have gladly let him live with us had my dad not be dragging her to court for every little stupid thing during their divorce.

After the divorce was over, Kirk was still bouncing around working as a deckhand and needed a place to stay so my mom said it was OK if he moved in with us. We had been going out for over a year at this point and were even engaged with a lovely diamond ring.

Kirk and I had a very active sex life and even though we kept it to my bedroom out in the garage, my mom knew we were doing it and I know it bothered her a lot. But because I was wild and was still in school, she knew that there was no way she could stop me from having sex with him so she just looked the other way most of the time. By this time Kirk had sold his El Camino and bought himself a nice GMC truck and had taken a job in San Diego and would only be living at our house on the weekends when he would come to see me. Even so my mom got tired of us hanging around all the time would tell us to go hang out somewhere else sometimes and so Kirk and I would take off in his truck and go find someplace else to hang out for a while.

In the mid 70's the local make out place was up in on "the hill" in Palos Verdes. There were actually a few of them up there. Palos Verdes at the time still had some rural areas where you could park your car and look out to either the South Bay at Paddleboard Cove or over Long Beach up on Crest Rd. and a few other places that I can't remember at this moment. Anyways, I am sure everyone from the South Bay had made out at one these particular spots at least one time or another in their young lives.

Kirk and I liked to go up to Paddleboard Cove because he was also a diver and there was a trail down from the cliffs to the beach from there that we had gone down many times for him to go diving for fish, lobsters or abalone. So sometimes we would go up there and walk around on the cliffs and take in the view or lots of times we would just go hang out up there for something to do.

This one night Kirk was home from San Diego, my mom suggested we go somewhere instead of just hanging around the house and bugging her so we took off in the truck and ended up at Paddleboard Cove. It was dark and the view was beautiful as always. Kirk and I were snuggling up together checking out the view when we started making out. Those were the days of really short mini dresses and skirts and I was wearing a cute pair of floral satin panties and a very short mini dress. As Kirk and I got really into making out I started rubbing his dick through his pants and it was getting rock hard. He had his hands up under my dress feeling out my nice perky full titties and we were getting really horny.

So I unzipped his pants and he pulled them down past his knees and I leaned over and started sucking his dick. While I was doing that he pulled my dress up to my waist and slipped off my panties, throwing them on to the passenger side floor. Then he started fingering me and making me really wet. My clit was peeking out of my pussy lips and he was rubbing it along with my pussy lips and got me so horny that I stopped sucking his dick and climbed up on his lap on the driver's side. Facing him on bent knees I lowered myself down onto his throbbing cock. He grabbed my hips and guided me up and down while I rocked and grinded my pussy down on his hard cock. We were fucking like bunnies and soon he pushed me down hard on his cock and I felt him shoot a thick load deep inside me which made me cum too.

We were both breathing heavily and holding each other while I was still sitting on his lap with his cock inside me and I was looking at the fogged up windows and I notice the beautiful full moon. I said to Kirk "oh look at the full moon" when I noticed it appeared to be getting bigger and moving. Kirk gave me a puzzled look and said "there is no full moon tonight". And at that moment there was a knock on the driver's side window and a voice said "Don't move but open your window". Kirk and I froze and we gave each other a scared look and Kirk rolled the window down. There were two cops with a flashlight standing right next to the car staring us down. And here were Kirk and I caught with me sitting in his lap with his pants down around his ankles.

Of course the cops were going to be jerks about it so they ripped open the door and grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the truck right off of Kirks lap. Now the ground was all rocky and it was kind of cold and windy outside and all I was wearing this little tiny mini dress barely covering my ass with no shoes on and they tell me to walk over to the police car, so I do. Then they make Kirk get out of the truck with his hands up and his pants down and force him to walk to the back of the truck before they let him pull up his pants.

The one asshole cop that pulled me out of the truck said "do you have any drugs in the truck?" and we both said "no" and he said "well I am going to have to search it anyways" and so he goes over to the passenger side and whips open the door and starts digging around on the floor. In a few minutes he holds up my panties and yells at me over the truck and says "well well, what do we have here? A pair of pretty satin panties? I don't believe these would fit you would they?" he says as he walks over to Kirk and shoves them in his face. Meanwhile, I am standing horrified, freezing up on the cliff with my dress blowing up every so often showing everything I have, with Kirks cum starting to drip down my legs. The cop with my panties walks up to me and says "are these yours?" At that point, I am starting to cop an attitude because it is clear to me they are just being jerks and I say to them "well if they don't fit him that only leaves one other person here that they could belong too and I am sure with this wind blowing you can see that I am missing a pair of panties...." (I really wanted to add asshole but I was trying to keep myself under control).

By then I noticed Kirk was giving me that "don't piss them off PLEASE" look and so I shut my mouth. The cop was still holding my panties and he makes me walk all the way back to the truck and stand next to Kirk and he asks us for our id's. All I have with me is what I am wearing as I am only in high school and had left my purse with my driver's license at home so I told them I didn't have my id with me but that they could call my mom and she would identify me. Then they took Kirks drivers license which said he was 18 or 19 and the asshole cop said to me "What would your parents say if they knew you were up here having sex?" And by then I couldn't stand it anymore and I said "well, they actually sent us up here because they were sick of us doing it at home, if you would like to call her, our phone number is 213-374-1793. All you have to do is CALL MY MOM". So the jerk cop thinking he is getting over on us calls her up. And of course my mom tells him that she knows we are up on "the hill" somewhere and it is OK with her we have her permission but to tell us it is getting late and to send us home.

So right after they talk to my mom, they hand me my panties but make me put them on in front of them with the flash lite on me the whole time and tell us to get in the truck and go straight home (like we feel like going somewhere else now). As Kirk and I get in the truck the cops come over to my side and watch me pull myself up to get into the truck, which I am sure they are getting an eyeful by this time and I say to them "if you like my panties so much I can tell you were I bought them and you can go buy your own pair". And Kirk gives me this "shut the hell up and get in the truck look" So I climb in and shut the door and we drive back down the hill with the cops right behind us the whole way until we get to Redondo/Palos Verdes city line in which they turn around and go back up the hill.

Right about then Kirk looks at me and says "even though they were harassing you, I need to point out that I am over 18 and your are still young and that I could have gotten arrested for raping a minor smart ass". At that moment I felt like such a dumb shit. But we headed off to home and made it with no other problems so when we got home we thanked our lucky stars the cops were just perverts and not into ruining people's lives..... And you would think that would have put an end to me having sex in cars wouldn't you? But no..... I have this fetish about having sex in cars, which I will write more about in other diary entries...... keep checking back.....

اشرف فوزي
04-19-2011, 03:09 AM
nt of them with the flash lite on me the whole time and tell us to get in the truck and go straight home (like we feel like going somewhere else now). As Kirk and I get in the truck the cops come over to my side and watch me pull myself up to get into the truck, which I am sure they are getting an eyeful by this time and I say to them "if you like my panties so much I can tell you were I bought them and you can go buy your own pair". A

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thanx for this topic

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